The spirituality (and theology) of Mother Teresa

June 21, 2019 — 3 Comments

20181109_174221I have a very valuable treasure, and I want to share it with you today…

Some time ago I spent a few days in a country formerly known as Yugoslavia. It was the birth place of Mother Teresa. I came across a small, humble museum of sort – giving remembrance to this remarkable woman.

One of the exhibitions on display was a note that Mother Teresa had written with her own hands. No, it is not an extensive theological exposition of the major dogmatic themes. It resembles much more that of a personal entry into her diary – intercepted years later and put on display for everyone to see.

The handwritten note gives a fascinating glimpse into the personal devotion of Mother Teresa. When reading it, you are moved by her spirituality (the way she experiences Jesus).

As a clergy in the reformed background, I am just as struck by the fact that this Catholic nun’s theology is my own. We have much more in common than what the world wants us to believe.

Whenever I am down, exhausted – or question if being in ministry is worth it – I return to this note. Somehow it always restores my strength. I get inspired by this small woman’s big faith.

I have typed her words so that you can read it for yourself. Or even better yet – that you can pray it…

Who is Jesus to me - page 1

– Who is Jesus to me –

Jesus is –

  • God
  • The Son Of God
  • The 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity
  • The Son Of man
  • The Word made flesh

Jesus is –

  • The word I speak
  • The light I lit
  • The life I live
  • The love I love
  • The joy I share
  • The peace I give
  • The strength I use
  • The hungry I feed
  • The naked I clothe
  • The homeless I take in
  • The sick I nurse
  • The child I teach
  • The lonely I console
  • The unwanted I want
  • The mental I befriend

Who is Jesus to me - page 2

Jesus is –

  • The helpless – I help
  • The beggar – I welcome
  • The leppar – I wash
  • The drunkard – I guide
  • The Bread of Life – I eat
  • The Sacrifice – I offer
  • The Cross – I carry
  • The Pain – I bear
  • The Prayer – I pray
  • The loneliness – I share
  • The sickness – I accept

Jesus is –

  • My God
  • My Lord
  • My Spouse
  • My Everything
  • My All in all
  • My Precious One
  • My Only One

Jesus is the One I am in love with – to whom I belong and from whom nothing will seperate me – He is mine – I am His

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Firmly anchored in the father heart of the Lord, the finished work of Jesus Christ & the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

3 responses to The spirituality (and theology) of Mother Teresa

  1. Esther Van Niekerk June 21, 2019 at 9:55 am

    Wow ek sal moet teruggaan en gaan lees. Ek elke keer so vinnig daar deur.

  2. Bruce Macaulay June 21, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    Sjoe…. Wat meer wil ons weet en wees as wat sy geweet het en geleef het!

  3. I get convicted every time i read it. There’s plenty that i still need to learn from her

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