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Wat is die waarde wat die Christus Victor-hipotese tot die teologie toevoeg? Dit is waarna ons vandag kyk!

Hoewel Aulén se Christus Victor-hipotese nie sonder probleme is nie (ons het in die vorige inskrywing na die kritiek teen dit gekyk), lewer dit wel ‘n reuse bydra tot die teologie. Die waarde daarvan lê vir my op twee vlakke. Continue Reading…

Reading Roundup

August 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Here’s my reading roundup for the week:

  1. study found that up to 400 cardiac arrests and 200 deaths could be avoided in Swedish patients, if healthy lifestyle changes were made. Why is that relevant to me? Because even if those people were only remotely religious you would hear them say that God “caused” the heart attack or God “took” your father/mother/husband/wife. That is what a bad theology about sovereignty does. God gets the blame for our choices . . .
  2. If you want a good excuse why you need some time to read, the Telegraph just gave it to you. Apparently 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress with two thirds.
  3. Christianity Today interviewed 170 exorcists on their methods.
  4. Is perfectionism holding you back? This is the story of my life.
  5. Will internet addiction be the drug of the future?
  6. After reading how lighting and music can influence our calorie intake in fast food outlets, you cannot help but wonder how susceptible we are.
  7. What does it take to stay married forever?